Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quality revealed

Tony Abbott said he had appointed his Cabinet on merit. Only one woman in it, because the rest of the women on the conservative side didn't have what it takes.

An example of what he rates as meritorious comes from Greg Hunt, our Environment Minister.

The level of ability, intelligence, common sense of that Minister was revealed over the unseasonal bushfires we're having in NSW.

The fact that they're so fierce so early in the year after unseasonably wet then unseasonably dry conditions led world scientists to suggest they were related to climate change.

Not true, said Minister Hunt, and he'd done his looking at Wikipedia.

No, really.

See, proof that we didn't need a Science Minister, all we need to know is available on Wikipedia

He told the BBC: "I looked up what Wikipedia said just to see what the rest of the world thought. It opened up with the fact that ' bushfires in Australia are frequently occurring events during the hotter months of the year due to Australia's mostly hot, dry climate'.

His boss had already dismissed comments from the head of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. She was, Abbott declared, 'talking through her hat'.

Interviewer Razia Iqbal asked Mr Hunt whether the Prime Minister still thought climate change was, as he famously said not so long ago, “absolute crap".

The precious Mr Hunt didn't like that.“Look, with great respect you can swear on international radio, you can invite me from Australia to do this, you can be profoundly rude, I'm happy to answer, but I'm not going to be sworn at”.

Ms Iqbal pointed out that she was simply quoting his boss.

These are the best we've got?

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