Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fire update

Although the temperature has dropped and the gale-force winds have gone we still have serious fires burning all over the state.

Just an hour ago the RFS issued Emergency warnings for two of the fires in the Blue Mountains, which have flared up again.

The Springwood fire seems to be the worst and the update included a frightening warning. For anyone still in four areas of that fire it's too late to leave. They've been told to prepare to defend their homes and to take shelter as the fire impacts on them.

That fire is huge. It's burnt over 37,000 hectares - over 80,000 acres - so far.

The fire perimeter the RFS is fighting they say is now over 500 kilometres, with nearly 100 fires burning.

So far just under 200 homes have been confirmed as destroyed and there are fears that there may be casualties found as teams search them.

Firefighters have come in from interstate to help, from Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and the ACT.

And the weather forecast is for hotter, windier days ahead.

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