Monday, October 14, 2013

Back in Oz

Back in Oz now after a trip to Dubai and on to Vienna.

Dubai's back on its feet again after the GFC, construction projects are under way, the new airport is about to start passenger flights, the final part of the Creek extension is about to start.

Web enjoyed Vienna so much on our last (first) trip in June that we decided to squeeze in another visit before the cold weather sets in. The first three days were sunny and warm, which is what the forecast had been for the whole nine days we were there.

Wrong. It got cold.

So into my favourite shop to buy a winter coat, we rugged up and still enjoyed our time there.

Here we've just had our hottest September on record and a mixed bag so far for October.

Yesterday was 37C with gale force winds in the afternoon. Late evening a southerly change blasted through and the temperature dropped 10 degrees in fifteen minutes.

This morning I needed a long sleeved shirt and jacket when I went for coffee and they say it'll reach only 22C.

I think I'm about over the tiredness and jetlag now. I have lots of notes about things I need to get off my chest on here so hopefully I'll get around to it soon.

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