Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Another truck disaster

There are so many examples - without adequate regulations, and enforcement of them, human nature comes to the fore, with greed and self interest ahead of anything else.

Trucks on our roads are a constant reminder of that, the latest example resulting from the fatal crash and explosion of a fuel tanker.

In 2009 a fuel tanker operated by Cootes Transport rolled and exploded, killing a father and his two children plus the truck driver. The coroner made safety recommendations, which haven't been implemented.

Last week a fuel tanker operated by Cootes Transport rolled and exploded, slamming into several cars, killing two men and injuring five other people. Had passers-by not risked their lives to pull people from burning vehicles the death toll would have been worse.

As a mechanical fault was the probable cause Cootes, vehicles were pulled into roadside inspection stations. Police inspected Cootes' fleet, issued numerous defect notices. A police spokeswoman said a swag of "major defects'' were found in twelve vehicles, including brakes, wheels and suspension faults.

It's obvious that we need uniform nationwide regulations, not different state by state regulations, and far more inspections. Not after preventable tragedies but regular, constant checking designed to prevent the tragedies.

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