Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stopping the boats (from being talked about)

"AN asylum boat has arrived at Christmas Island, the eighth since the election and the first since the Coalition stopped the practice of announcing boat arrivals as they occur.

There were an estimated 76 asylum seekers on that vessel, bringing the total number of asylum seekers to arrive post-election to 480 at that time. Today’s arrival of an estimated 30 people is expected to push the total past 500."

The Australian

It reminds me of the old Vietnam thing, 'declare victory and leave'.

In opposition Abbott & Co manufactured a daily attack on the government, accusing it of having lost control of our borders. There was a national emergency, they shrieked. Only their Operation Sovereign Borders would stop the boats.

The media meekly followed along, giving it daily coverage.

Now they're the government they've revealed their real strategy - pretend there are no boats arriving by saying nothing about them.

The gullible will fall for it of course and believe Abbott has delivered on his promise to 'stop the boats'.

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