Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New government entirely predictable

There seems to be some surprise at the early actions of Tony Abbott's new government. Astonishingly that must mean people didn't realise what an Abbott led government would be like.

A protege of John Winston Howard, aggressive, swaggering. Howard's attack dog and an avid follower of his policies and approach. A far right conservative with a mindset back in the fifties. What his government would be like was quite obvious.

Like Howard's government this one has already demonstrated that it'll be spiteful.

Their first move, before they'd even been sworn in, was to cancel Steve Brack's appointment as consul-general to New York. Their first move after beeing sworn in was to sack three department heads.

Spitefulness will be, as it was under Howard, a feature of Abbott-led governments.

Then there's the fact that our new cabinet is all male, with one exception. Questioned about it, Abbott said there would have been more if Sophie Mirabella had not lost her seat.

So even at best, there would have been two women in cabinet, a point the media didn't see fit to mention.

If, as we're expected to believe, there are no Coalition women MP's good enough for the job it says a huge amount about the attitude of the two parties.

In addition to the scrapping of the Climate Commission there will no longer be a science minister, that portfolio being spread around amongst ministers. It's still vague, Abbott only saying that it would be 'largely' under the Industry minister, but science is clearly being sent to the outer.

It's very early days but the pattern's been set with plenty more along the same lines to come.

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