Monday, September 09, 2013


Predictably, the word 'mandate' is already being bandied about by the major parties and interest groups.

As all incoming governments do, the Coalition is already Senate-bashing. 'We have a mandate' to do what we want to do and the Senate must go along with it.

The Labor side is claiming a mandate from the people who voted for them, to oppose government policy. Business groups are claiming the incoming government has a mandate to change the rules in their favour.

What bullshit it all is.

If we wanted to give them a mandate we'd vote for the same party for both houses. That would give them control to do what they want to do unhindered. But that almost never happens.

Very, very rarely do we vote for the same party to win both houses. We don't give the lower house winner control of the Senate because we want a check on the worst excesses of whichever party rules the lower house.


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