Monday, September 09, 2013

Lies exposed already

Even before the final seats are declared, the lies fed to the electorate to win power are already being exposed.

The new federal parliament won't be sitting until  'late October or early November' according to Tony Abbott.

Up to Saturday he insisted that we had a national emergency with our borders and a national emergency with the budget.

A lot of people fell for it too. I wonder how they feel now at their gullibility, now that one of his first announcements as PM-elect is to say that there's no hurry to resume parliament for a couple of months, meaning we can't be facing emergencies.

"My emphasis will be on being purposeful, methodical, calm and conscientious,and the last thing I want to do is rush the Parliament back for a photo opportunity before the substance of the work is there for it to do."

He's telling us he'll be calm and methodical. So if there were emergencies, why no calm methodical work prior to the election he knew he'd win to address those emergencies?

Because, of course, there never were any emergencies. It was a lie created to frighten the ignorant and ill-informed into giving him their votes.  

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