Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Asylum seeker bogeyman

It worked so well for John Howard, the racist stunt of creating division and hysteria about boat people, that the Libs under Tony Abbott have pushed it again to the max.

He even channelled his mentor a couple of weeks ago with his 'we will decide who comes here' speech. And the boys and girls in the band are dutifully following his lead.

Our local Liberal candidate has two slogans on posters I drove past today. 'Under the instruction to 'Vote Liberal' the reasons given are  'More jobs. Stronger borders'.

Stop the boats, you see.

And in a Sydney electorate we have the Liberal candidate blaming them for traffic jams on the M4 and queues in our hospitals!

Fiona Scott (she who was described by her leader as young, feisty, with a bit of sex appeal) told the ABC that "Asylum seekers are a hot topic here because our traffic is overcrowded".  Asked to explain by a bemused interviewer she said "Go sit in the emergency department of Nepean Hospital or go and sit on the M4 and people see 50,000 people come in by boat; that's more than twice the population of Glenmore Park where we just were".

The saddest part is that they don't need to resort to plumbing the depths like this, Labor - and Rudd in particular - has handed them the election on a plate.

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