Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yet another dud foisted on us

He ran a website that's being called, among other things, offensive, off-colour, sexist, inappropriate.

He is Kevin Baker, Liberal candidate for the seat of Charlton here in NSW. Well, he was until his website came to light. Now he's the former candidate.

The site 'included offensive references to incest, domestic violence, racism and child abuse and jokes about sex with strippers.'

When that information hit the media he quit. And rightly so - although he should never have been there in the first place.

Yet another dud candidate put up for people to vote for. I posted about others on August 8, 9, 16 so we're getting one every few days.

You can bet they're just the tip of the iceberg too, there'll be plenty more who sneak through under the radar with some of them ending up in parliament. Then, as with so many over the years, there'll be sweeping under carpets and they'll get away with it for years. 

There are names that spring to mind like Sir Joh, Russ Hinze and the Queensland gang, Obeid, MacDonald and the gang here in NSW, Peter Slipper, Craig Thomson...

Obviously the parties don't bother with background checks before they embrace these people and put them up for election. But then why would they, that would imply that they actually give a damn about the electorate.

The reality is that they spout the clichés their spin doctors tell them to about serving and supporting and caring and understanding, but their actions tell us the real story.

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