Saturday, August 24, 2013

From the ridiculous to the bizarre

The asylum seeker political bullshit has now gone completely off with the fairies.

Tony Abbott has long been whipping up hysteria - so successful for his mentor John Winston Howard - with his insistence that it's a 'national emergency' and his endless parroting of 'we have to stop the boats'.

He started to move into a Monty Python policy area when he came up with a faux military slant to support his 'national emergency' rubbish. Within a hundred days of taking power, his government would activate 'Operation Sovereign Borders' with a three-star military officer heading it.

Now he's gone even further into the land of the absurd with his latest escalation.

To stop asylum seekers coming by sea from Indonesia he's planning to buy Indonesian fishing boats.

In his fevered imagination this will deny 'people smugglers' the ability to buy them.

He's serious. No, really, he is.

As with all their 'policy' announcements, there's no detail. Exactly how it would work will be "left to the discretion of our people on the ground" he said.

BTW, it's estimated there are three quarters of a million fishing boats in Indonesia

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