Monday, August 12, 2013

Debate. What debate?

The much-hyped 'leaders debate' last evening was a total waste of time.

Firstly, there was no debate. Just the chairman and three journos asking a handful of convoluted questions for the two leaders to answer in turn.

Naturally they did their best to not answer the questions, preferring to just parrot the usual clich├ęs and slag off the other side.

Both looked nervous and ill at ease, Rudd used notes, Abbott waffled and at the end of it we know as little as we did before about policies, funding, vision for the future.

As ever, we're treated like mushrooms.

Also on the election front, the One Nation candidate Stephanie Banister who gave the interview I posted about on Friday has done the right thing and withdrawn from the election.

There are more than a few others who should do the same thing but self-interest will win the day.

BTW, I loved the comment from One Nation leader Jim Savage: "Stephanie Banister has withdrawn her nomination to stand following the disgraceful way she has been portrayed by recent media [and] ridicule over a minor gaffe in a statement she made to Channel Seven."

Minor gaffe. Right.

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