Monday, August 19, 2013

Campaign stuff up

Today the media's finally caught on to what's been happening on the election front for at least the past week, and the reason behind Kevin Rudd and Labor's plunge in the polls.

It's the same reason Labor under Julia Gillard took such a battering - a total stuff up with communications.

We never heard about the legislation that was passed, the good policy decisions under Gillard. And we're not hearing them from the Rudd team either.

The first huge mistake in my opinion was Rudd trying to cover the past negativity by saying the country needed a change. That gave Tony Abbott the perfect opportunity to say, as he did, that Labor says you need a change and you do - a change from Labor to us.

So obvious and such a basic mistake I simply can't understand how all the minds running the Labor campaign didn't see it.

Now they've gone negative. Instead of being positive, instead of pointing out their achievements, they're simply attacking the opposition.  'Abbott will be bad for you' is the total thrust of the campaign.

It won't work, as the polls are showing. Rudd is now just another politician, slagging off the other man.

It's quite deliberate too. Rudd told us they were being outspent ten to one by the coalition on advertising, the ads were all attacking the government with negativity so Labor decided to shoot back in kind.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Again, it was such an obviously wrong move that it's as if the coalition is running Labor's campaign!

It's textbook stuff that students of politics - and marketing - will be surely reading about in the future. Running  'our competitor's worse than us' as a theme doesn't work in any kind of marketing campaign.

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