Friday, August 09, 2013

Another quality candidate

Yesterday I posted about a totally incompetent Liberal candidate, demonstrating his complete ignorant of the facts.

Today we have another one, but at least this prospective parliamentarian is from a lunatic fringe party.

The One Nation Party (remember Pauline Hanson?) has adopted Stephanie Banister to contest the Brisbane seat of Rankin.

Her main focus seems to be anti-Islam but as her specialist subject she's woefully ignorant and misinformed about it.

Still, ignorance and not having their facts right never stops bigots from shooting their mouths off.

In Stephanie's world Islam is a country and muslims follow the haram. While not against Jews she was as ignorant of their religion as she is about Islam, although naturally that didn't stop her telling us about it.

You can watch part of the interview here.

And you know what, there are people who will vote for her. I'll watch the numbers with interest.

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