Thursday, July 18, 2013

Big business government

We're getting regular updates confirming that it's not our elected governments which are running the country, but big business.

One of the big factors in Kevin Rudd's removal as Labor leader and Prime Minister was his craven backdown when the big mining companies launched a scare campaign against his super profits tax.

The government sat down with them and allowed them to write the new law, ending  up with them getting more in tax credits than they pay in tax.

We had the NSW state government meekly agreeing to James Packer's demand to build a huge casino in Sydney. They kept their decision making secret, claiming confidentiality. In reality, now that the reports have been released we see their 'justification' for approval was nothing but spin.

We have a big problem with alcohol-fuelled violence in Sydney, but the liquor/licensed premises industry is, naturally, focussed solely on its profits. The pubs and clubs fight controls every inch of the way, getting the results they want.

The two big bottle shop players - inevitably Coles and Woolworths - have been offering 50% and more discounts on the back of their shop receipts. The government said it was going to ban the coupon, the companies started screaming so they were allowed to change the draft line by line.

They came up with fatuous arguments such as that as half price toilet paper and corn flake specials didn't increase the consumption of those items the same applied to grog.

It just goes on and on. Governments ceding control to companies which blabber on about corporate social responsibility but have only one focus, which is inevitably their bottom line.

And we're powerless, because whichever party we vote into office we get the same outcome.

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