Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Do they really believe that we believe it or are they just contemptuous of us?

I'm talking about the endless stream of PR-speak attributed to people, usually people in some sort of self-induced trouble, when it's so blindingly obvious that they didn't say anything like it.

The spin doctors can't even be bothered to write them in a believable way, in a way the subject might actually have said it.

It's an almost daily occurrence as the spin doctors get more and more influence over companies, governments and individuals.

There was a classic a couple of days ago when a rugby league player attended an interview with the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority dressed like this:

Photo. Peter Rae Sydney Morning Herald
Naturally he copped a lot of flack for the inappropriate dress, which it was suggested was a sign of contempt.
So 'he' responded:
''I certainly take the ASADA matter seriously and my choice of dress was in no way intentional as an indication of otherwise. In hindsight, I agree that I let myself, my club and the game down and apologise for any distress it has caused. I would also say sorry to both the corporate sponsors and to the Sharks members and fans for not representing the club better than I could and should have.''

You can imagine him saying exactly that can't you?

Surely there can't be anyone who believes these statements are anything but PR spin.  They're an insult to our intelligence.

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