Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Off to Dubai

Off to Dubai tomorrow for three weeks. Well, for one of the weeks we'll be in Vienna, a city I've long meant to visit but never got around to, so actually two in Dubai.

The body's going to notice the difference in weather I'm sure. We've had a few wet, cold days here, less than 20C daytime, although today has crept back up to 23C and with the high humidity it feels quite warm. Vienna seems to be about the same but Dubai's currently hovering near 40C, although I'm told the humidity hasn't kicked in yet.

Sydney was at a standstill early morning yesterday and today because of thick fog. Ferries  haven't run until the fog cleared, flights into the airport have been cancelled or diverted. Tomorrow's flight to Dubai is in the evening though, so the city should be fog clear.

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