Saturday, May 04, 2013

Not happy

Sydney Morning Herald has a timely story today headed "Driver distraction responsible for more car crashes than alcohol".  Timely because my car was crashed into for that reason yesterday.

Coming back from the shopping mall in a heavy stream of traffic, dawdling along at 50kph when, whack, the car behind was in my rear.

Absolutely no reason for it other than the idiot driver not paying attention.

I don't know what he was up to - on the phone, texting, playing with gadgets, changing the radio, daydreaming - but what he wasn't doing was what he should have been doing.

The number one priority when you're driving a car. Paying bloody attention.

From the damage it's obvious what happened. He looked up, saw he was about to crash into me, yanked the wheel hard left but still caught my passenger side rear corner with his driver side front corner.

Mine got the rear and side panels broken, the exhaust pipe dislodged and bits of rubber and metal jammed onto the tyre. Not driveable.

I must say my insurer AAMI, has been excellent.

I called them from the crash site to ask for a tow truck. It took a while because they said they had to complete the claim before the tow truck could be called. But it was all done over the phone, details of what happened, the road conditions, details of cars and drivers etc.

The tow truck arrived in about twenty minutes, he drove us home then took the car to their yard, it being end of business on Friday. It'll be assessed on Monday, a repairer appointed and AAMI will call me to give me an update.

They also booked a hire car for me online. By the time all this was done it was too late in the day to pick it up so I asked for it to be ready this morning.

A bus ride into Gosford to Hertz, where the car was ready and waiting. No forms to fill in, just a copy of my driving licence and a credit card bond. Apparently my insurance is transferred to the hire car for the duration.

It's all a bloody nuisance but I must say AAMI have made it a lot less inconvenient than I thought it would be.

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