Tuesday, May 28, 2013

At last!

I finally collected my repaired car this afternoon, twenty five days after an idiot ran into the back of me.

The delay wasn't the fault of AAMI, my insurance company, or the repair shop. The problem's been GM Holden who couldn't supply a part that was needed. Bloody useless.

It was the usual thing - it'll be delivered on Tuesday, no Thursday, no next week...on and on for three weeks. The rest of the repair was done and the car just sat there for three weeks waiting for the last part. When it eventually arrived the work was finished in less than a day.

As I said in my earlier post, AAMI was excellent. They kept me informed all the way through, they arranged an extension of the car hire every time Holden pushed the delivery date forward. The last bit was arranging a taxi from Hertz to the repair shop, the bill going to AAMI. Basically I didn't have to do anything.

The repair shop, Funnells in Erina, did a great job too, the car's in showroom condition.

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