Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Too many cooks...

A couple of weeks ago in a post about the horsemeat-as-beef scandal I complained about the huge chain of companies involved.

 ...the chain is far too long. So many people/companies/countries are involved no-one can keep track. Opportunities for scams and fraud are obvious.

This chain nonsense is pervasive throughout business. It's totally unnecessary, is detrimental to both businesses and consumers and in my opinion it really is one of the major problems of our time.

It's cropped up again in relation to a court case involving the Fair Work Ombudsman and two oil companies operating offshore.

The basis of the case is that Filipino workers were paid $3 an hour, in breach of the Fair Work Act.

Yet the oil companies were paying $400 a day for each worker, the court was told.

It's the chain again. The middle men making all the money at the expense of the workers, the main players and subsequently their buyers and consumers.

Here's the ridiculous chain. The oil rig's management company, Maersk Drilling, hired the workers from  Perth recruitment company SurveySpec at $400 a day. SurveySpec hired the workers from Philippines-based Supply Oilfield Services at $88 a day. They in turn hired the workers from Hong Kong-based Pocomwell, who paid the workers $30 a day.

Bloody ridiculous.

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