Friday, April 05, 2013

Power corrupts...

The royal commission into the sexual abuse of children involving institutions is under way, with a mammoth task ahead of it.

They're expecting that at least 5,000 people will want to talk to them about their experiences. The institutions are defined as churches, schools, childcare centres, sports & recreational bodies and organisations/government departments involved in foster care.

This suggests to me that child sexual abuse is a far wider problem than I, and I suspect many other people, thought it to be.

It shows, too, that if you give people power over others, far too many of them simply take advantage of their position.

At least as bad as the abuse itself, in my opinion, is the cover-ups. The Cathlic church has rightly been attacked for this but I suspect they're not the only institution protecting its own. Instead of reporting the offences to the police the offenders were not only allowed to get away with their criminal acts, they were kept in positions where they could continue them on others.

The commission is already commited to spending $22 million of public money and the final bill will certainly be much higher than that.

Institutions found to have employed the criminals who carried out these acts, particularly those that protected them when their abuse was revealed, need to be forced to pay the costs of the commission.

It goes without saying that the individuals named in both the abuse and cover-ups, need to be charged accordingly and brought to trial.

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