Thursday, April 11, 2013

High speed train stupidity

I had to check the date, thinking we were back on April 1st, when I heard the latest on the high speed train proposal, going between Melbourne and Brisbane.

But no, it wasn't April Fools Day and it seemed we were supposed to take the pronouncement seriously.

Where but in Australia would a government minister seriously suggest that to build a 1,750 rail track would take a minimum of forty years!

And a cost of $114 billion.

A hundred and fourteen billion dollars for seventeen hundred and fifty kilometres. I make that $65 million per kilometre. Only in Australia.

But the real stupidity is the time frame.

Even if the impossible happened and the various federal, state and territory governments across that period could agree with each other, by the time it was built it'd be obsolete.

Government contracts always go way beyond the initial timeframe, so well over fifty or sixty years is much more likely.

In reality it's a non-starter, announced obviously for purely political reasons. Although what those reasons would be is beyond me.

You can read the story here.

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