Friday, April 12, 2013

Cavalier attitude with our money

As we know, any work done for or by any level of government attracts a cost that's simply unbelievable in the real world.

It's not their money, it's ours. We provide it with our rates and taxes. Not coming out of their own pockets is obviously the reason they throw it about with such abandon.

So it was with the now-gone rainbow crossing on Sydney's Oxford Street. Seven stripes of paint across a road, done for Mardi Gras and as a 'one month trial'.

This is it:

Photo: Daily Telegraph

Cost to paint it...ready?...$110,000. Paid by Sydney City Council. Or, more accurately, by Sydney City Council ratepayers.
Cost to remove it, by scraping off the surface and putting a centimetre or two of bitumen back in place...$30,000. Paid by the state government. Or, more accurately, by taxpayers.
The fuss seems to be all about whether the crossing should have stayed or gone. The real issue in my opinion is the outrageous costs involved. That's what we should be screaming about.

The full story's here.

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