Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jobs going begging

Over the years it's happened regularly and it's happening again. And I don't understand it.

Trying to get a tradie for some work, that is.

This time I need someone to build some retaining walls in the back garden.  I checked the local paper's classified ads, rang some numbers, explained what I needed and asked them to visit to give me a quote.

They all give me a day when they'll be in or around my area, say they'll phone to give me a time, take my number and address.

No-one calls, no-one visits.

I phoned again, got the same promises.  Again, no-one phones, no-one visits.

Third time of phoning one of them actually turned up when he said he would. Took the details, promised a quote by e-mail "later this afternoon".

It arrived today, seven days after "later this afternoon".

I'm still trying to get someone else to visit so that I can compare quotes. This has gone on for over two weeks now.

The tradies pay to advertise in the paper for work. I have work worth something like $3,000. But they make it almost impossible for me to give it to them.

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