Monday, February 25, 2013

True heroes

While here in NSW we're recovering after the violent storm and tornado of the weekend, other parts of the country are struggling with fires.

Terrible news on that front over the past few days with three volunteer firefightes killed in the line of duty.

The funerals of Katie Peters, who was only nineteen, and her firefighting partner Steve Kadar have just been held. They were killed in Victoria when a falling tree crushed their fire truck.

A tree has also killed a firefighter, who hasn't been named yet, in W.A. He was clearing up after a fire south-east of Perth when a branch from a damaged tree killed him.

The word hero has been devalued by using it to describe football players and the like - " putting their bodies on the line" I've heard all too often over the past few days in that context.

The firefighters are true heroes. They truly do put their bodies on the line while helping others.

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