Sunday, February 03, 2013

Fall about laughing

NSW Labor will try to make a desperately needed break with the Eddie Obeid era through a new set of rules designed to root out politicians ''motivated by personal gain''.

According to a report in today's Sun-Herald, that's what our state opposition leader John Robertson is planning.

You have to laugh don't you. Root out pollies motivated by personal gain?  There'll be very little but empty seats in the chamber if that happens.

Mr Robertson went on to say: 'For too long, ministers' interactions with lobbyists and major corporations regarding commercial deals have been kept hidden from the public and this reform will deliver more open, honest and accountable government to the people of NSW.'

Apart from all the stuff now being revealed at the Obeid corruption hearings about previous Labor governments we have the ongoing very questionable actions of the current O'Farrel coalition government. The Packer casino deal, the Barangaroo development and Darling Harbour rebuild with Lend Lease for example. And all sorts of mining, especially fracking, deals being done against community wishes.

On Friday the Electoral Commission issued its report on political funding. It's no surprise that mining and gambling intersts are major donors to political parties - edging up to two million dollars last financial year.

The 'interactions' are endemic at federal and state level, involving both sides of politics. Only a fool would think it's going to stop any time soon.

The real problem of course is that only politicians decide who we can vote for. They're the ones who select candidates. They're responsible for the quality of the people we have in parliament. We have to vote for who they give us.  But they're giving us people like Eddie Obeid, Ian Macdonald, Peter Slipper, Craig Thomson and all the others.


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