Friday, January 18, 2013

"Suspended canal"

On my last visit to Dubai before Christmas an announcement was made which resolved a major development problem - completion of the Dubai Creek extension.

This is Dubai Creek, which runs through the centre of the city:

In fact it's an inlet from the Gulf which winds its way through the old city and then after about seven kilometres simply sinks into the desert.

Or, it did.

It's been extended many kilometres and new developments, such as Festival City, Business Bay have been built on the new section.

The plan was to take it in a giant loop to rejoin the Gulf in Jumeirah, some kilometres from the city.

But work stopped two kilometres from where it was to rejoin the Gulf. The problem was the final section had to cross three major roads including the main freeway, Sheikh Zayed Road, which is a twelve-lane dual carriageway. It also had to somehow cross the new Metro line which runs parallel to Sheikh Zayed Road.

Elevated section of Dubai Metro alongside Sheikh Zayed Road.

The answer they've come up with is what they call "a suspended canal" - in other words, an aquaduct.
They plan to take the last two kilometres over all the stuff that's in the way.

Video accompanying the news shows the Falkirk Wheel in Scotland, so the assumption is that something similar will be built in Dubai.

 Image by RMJM on 

They're under starters orders too. The Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum told the people involved that: "the canal project must see the light in two years time from the time of its execution and all the parties in charge of the project must coordinate and cooperate amongst each other to reach their goals without delays".

Cost is quoted as over AED1.5 billion,  which is about $400 million.

I think it's going to be another spectacular development to add to the many others Dubai has come up with.


mikapoka said...

Hi Seabee, quite interesting post:
this way Bur Dubai won't become an island and our beloved city won't stop to amaze the whole world.
All the best, ciao!

Seabee said...

True, and with the increasing water transport (ferries, taxis) people are moving from area to area more easily.