Thursday, January 03, 2013

Paperwork & bureaucrats

Computers were going to bring us a paperless society it was confidently stated.

What's actually happened is that more paper than ever is required to go alongside computerisation.

Bureaucracy loves it.

I had a good example today at Etisalat, doing a final bit of stuff with my Dubai mobile phone.

Queued at the Information counter, explained what I wanted to do and was given two forms to complete, told to make photocopies of my passport and, inexplicably, my credit card, and was given a numbered ticket.

Filled in the form, made the photocopy and sat around waiting for my number to be called. Did as the computerised voice told me and went to Counter 7.

Told the clerk what I wanted, but that was done at Counter 10 he told me.

Wandered to Counter 10, which was busy so I waited for them to finish.

Told the clerk what I wanted and he set about typing stuff into his computer. Then he said there was a refund to come, so I should go back to Information and get a form.

More paper.

Information gave me two forms, asked if I wanted the refund in cash or transferred to my account. I thought cash would be quick and easy so I opted for that. I got another numbered ticket.

Sat and waited.

The lady at the counter I was called to gave me yet another form...and told me that they didn't have cash available, so I changed to direct transfer.

She also said I needed to make another photocopy of my passport.

Did all that, filled in all the forms, handed over the piles of paper and was eventually told it was done.

All up, five forms, three photocopies and just over two hours.

Everything was on the computers but they do love their paperwork!

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Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

Thanks for making me grin ear to ear!