Saturday, January 26, 2013

Land of extremes

We're still in a drought situation here on the NSW Central Coast with very little rain for about five months now.  My neighbour tells me that since the beginning of spring his rain gauge has registered less than 100mm.

The garden certainly reflects that figure. The ground's rock hard, the plants are struggling, even the drought-resistant ones.

But up in central Queensland they're in flood crisis again, with evacuations now under way as dams are overflowing. It's the fall-out from tropical cyclone Oswald.

Photo. Peter Wallis. Brisbane Courier Mail

Several areas have had well over 300mm of rain in 24 hours, that's a foot in the old measure. Gladstone seems to be the worst hit so far, with an estimate of 700mm, or about twenty-eight inches, of rain in four days.

Swiftwater rescue teams have so far carried out twenty recuses, most of people trapped in or on their cars. Brisbane Channel 10 TV has footage of a  dramatic rescue, which so nearly had a fatal outcome.

South-east Queensland is facing a drenching with 300mm of rain due over the next couple of days. The weather is slowly moving south and we're forecast to have rain early next week.

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