Monday, January 14, 2013

Homes being lost to fire

Over forty celcius one day, twenty-four degrees the next.

We even had some rain yesterday evening, not a lot but the garden really needed it. After two very wet years we've now had four or five drought months.

A land of extremes.

There was thunder and lighning with the rain we had here but many places had the thunderstorm without rain. That meant lighning strikes on tinder dry bush.

The RFS says forty new fires were started by lightning strikes, with NSW now having a hundred and seventy fires burning. Fifty are uncontained.

One of the worst is near Coonabarabran in the north of the state. The firefront is one hundred kilometres wide, it's burnt out over 40,000 hectares so far and is destroying homes.

So far, thirty-three homes have been destroyed and thousands of animals killed, livestock and native animals alike. About a hundred people have evacuated but thankfully no-one has lost their life.

Photo Mark Barrow. Sydney Morning Herald

This photo was taken by Mark Barrow who was on his way to work yesterday, saw the fire, took the photo and wisely got the hell out of there.

Look at the size of the fire compared to the house it's bearing down on!

The RFS is saying it's the most ferocious fire seen in NSW for many years. The smoke was rising 14 kilometres into the air and embers were starting fires up to 5km ahead of the main blaze.

A local mayor has just been on TV saying he flew over the affected area and saw totally destroyed farms with all the animals dead. He said he saw piles of kangaroos dead on roads. They'd obviously tried to escape down the roads but the fire was on both sides and moving so fast they didn't stand a chance.

The RFS still has the fire listed as out of control.

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