Saturday, January 05, 2013

A breed apart

As I've observed many times, the bureaucratic mind works differently from the rest of us.

Another example this morning, from DEWA, Dubai Electricty & Water Authority, because the sub-station in our building apparently needed servicing.

It would take four hours during which we would have no water and no electricity.

You and I would have worked out the least disruptive time to schedule the work. But then we're not bureaucrats.

They scheduled it for today, Saturday, from 7 to 11am.

Saturday. Weekend. When most people are actually at home.

Seven to eleven in the morning, when most people are getting up, wanting to shower, shave, make coffee, feed the kids...

Well done guys, you're keeping the bureaucratic way alive and well.

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Brad Rodgers said...

It's to do with accountability. If bureaucrats are fully accountable to those they serve then this kind of thing will tend not to happen. In other words, their level of remuneration and ultimately their job security must depend on 'customer' happiness.

Sadly, most bureaucrats are not accountable and it is for this reason alone they are able to develop the bureaucratic mindset that you refer to. And is it any co-incidence that the "bureaucratic mindset" is more prevalent in the public sector?