Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dubai at its best

Just about perfect weather in Dubai right now.

Bright sunshine all day. Mid to high twenties celcius daytime, a little under twenty at night.

It rained one day about a week ago so the dust was washed off the buildings and greenery and the place is sparkling.

Our apartment is in Dubai Marina which is probably 90% complete now - very different from the handful of buldings and virtually no facilities when we moved back here in 2005.

There's a big choice for people who want to take to the water of Dubai Marina. An RTA ferry, various water tours on traditional wooden dhows or modern motor cruisers, self-drive hire boats and a choice of floating restaurants.

There must be over a hundred restaurants and cafes now, plus plenty of supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, medical centres, a shopping mall, hotels and hotel apartments, even a fire station.

Sparkling during the day it's also beautiful at night with not only the restaurants covered in lights but with the shape of the date palms picked out in lights too.

We're enjoying it.

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