Thursday, November 08, 2012


A sign I came across this morning. Fish 'n' chips, if I'm reading the sign correctly, is not British but an authentic Emirati dish.


James O'Hearn said...

There used to be a brilliant fish n' chipper there. Best hammour in the city, by far. Absolutely huge pieces. We'd drive out from Karama to there once a week.

But it went out of business, sadly, and was gone for a while until the owner got it up and running again, but mixed with an Emirati menu as well.

I tried the Emirati food there...not bad. Though the fish n' chips is not as it was.

Le sigh...

Seabee said...

Going back to the late seventies that shop was the very first fish 'n' chips place in Dubai, Scotties it was called.

The media was in its infancy then and they had problems getting enough newspapers to wrap the goodies in. They had a notice in the window asking for old papers.