Thursday, November 08, 2012

Back in Dubai

The usual very tiring flight to Dubai from Sydney, arrived at 6am and and I'm struggling.

Emirates has a choice of one-stop flights (Bangkok for example) or non-stop. I used to prefer the stopper because at least you get off the aircraft, stretch your legs, break the monotony. The downside is the extra time added to the journey.

The last few trips I've changed to preferring to get it over with as soon as possible so it's now the non-stop flights each way. A 777 one way, A380 the other.

Coming from Oz it's obviously uphill and takes a bit longer, fourteen and a half hours is flight time. It wasn't a bad flight, a bit bumpy the first three hours or so but then smooth for most of the rest of the way. Just the odd few minutes of bumping over potholes two or three times.

Once again the magic e-gate system refused to recognise my fingerprint. I got a new card a few months back and was told I didn't need to re-scan my fingerprint because it was all already in the computer. But the last three or four times it's refused to recognise me so I might try to find time to go back to the e-gate office and ask whether they should redo it.

Weather's just about perfect now. Low humidity, very little wind, low thirties celcius and of course non-stop sunshine.

After no rain for many weeks back on the Central Coast, and a very unhappy looking garden, the forecast is for some on Thursday and Friday, including thunderstorms. Nothing major - about 20mm they're saying - but that would equal waht we've had the whole of spring so far.

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