Friday, October 12, 2012

Safety barriers?

There was a crash on the M4 yesterday involving a couple of trucks and three or four other vehicles.

The biggest problem seemed to be a totally inadequate and unsafe central 'safety barrier'.

One of the trucks hit the concrete barrier and simply scattered it across three lanes, the truck crossing onto the oncoming lanes and hitting a car.

Photo: Janie Barrett Sydney Morning Herald
There's an urgent need for an an investigation into the use of these patently unsafe barriers. They obviously need to be replaced with a barrier that actually does what it's intended to do - keep vehicles travelling in opposite directions away from each other.  Not only on the M4 but anywhere else they've been used.
And the people responsible for recommending and approving the use of these useless concrete blocks need to be held accountable and fired.
But that's a fantasy world of course. In our real world the concrete will be put back in place, there'll be no investigation and the incompetent morons responsible for it will simply carry on as they are.

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