Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mutual loathing

The federal political scene is getting more and more personal, the mutual dislike between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott being made obvious.

"Misogyny" is being thrown about, routinely used to describe Abbott.

As so often these days, a wrong word is used.

It means 'woman hater' and I really don't accept that's an accurate description of the Mad Monk.

Like his mentor John Winston Howard he has a nineteen-fifties mindset, which he's trying to reconcile with living in the twenty-first century. As a result he puts out conflicting messages.

Wheeling Mrs Abbott out to tell us he was really warm and cuddly I thought was a pointless exercise.

You wouldn't expect her to say anything else, and her version of Tony may well be what she and their daughters see. But it's not the image he projects to the rest of the country.

For years he was Howard's attack dog. He's naturally belligerent and aggressive. He has an unfortunate strutting, swaggering walk. His body language and speech delivery is aggressive.

Nothing Mrs Abbott tells us will change the impression that gives us.

Misogynyst he's not though, and I wouldn't even say he generally has a problem dealing with women.

The real problem is his obvious loathing of Julia Gillard. In a tied election she out-politicked him to beat him to the job he desperately wanted, and it's obvious he can't handle that.

News of Australia around the world is usually nothing more than crocodiles, bushfires or Great Barrier Reef destruction. To have political stories appearing is very rare but Gillard's anti-Abbott rant in parliament the other day has hit the headlines all over. The comment is just about all positive too, she's a real hit internationally.

Our papers cover it and the fallout extensively too. Problem is, our media ignores the important stuff that's going on in parliament and only reports the personal abuse, scandals like Slipper/Thomson - the gossip.

The important stuff that's happening, such as policy, bills being passed, is ignored as though none of it is happening.

More balanced and extensive reporting of what's actually happening would be of real benefit.


Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

Possibly you may have seen this, if not second video clip brings a touch of levity, both the action and reaction!

Seabee said...

Thanks Rupert. I had actually seen that on TV here - both clips are classics!