Thursday, September 27, 2012

Throwing resources at the problem

One of the obvious differences between Dubai, or the Gulf in general, and Oz is that when something needs to be done in Dubai resources are thrown at it.

You see it particularly with construction.

In Oz when we build a road there'll be days when there's no activity at all, then a truck with five or six men turns up; a couple poke around with shovels, one drives a digger, two are lollipop men...

In Dubai busloads of workers and fleets of machinery pour all over the site day after day.

For example, here's a shift of construction labourers from one site waiting for the bus back to their accommodation:

I was reminded of it when I read about the robbery of a money exchange in Dubai, in The National newspaper.

Crime is relatively rare in Dubai but of course it does happen. In this case a couple of men burst into a money exchange, threatened staff with a pistol and ran off with the equivalent of about A$250,000 in cash.

Within a couple of hours police were outside the apartment they were hiding in and took them into custody.

 I'm sure that's at least in part due to the resources thrown at it.

The National tells us: "Within five minutes of the heist 243 police officers had been deployed to hunt down the robbers. Officers took less than two hours to identify an address in Bur Dubai where they believed the robbers were hiding."

Two hundred and forty three police officers.

Here the scenario would more likely have been a couple of constables in a car arriving at the shop ten or fifteen minutes after the event, spending the next two hours taking statements.

The story is here.

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