Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Neanderthal gene

It's fairly standard these days that after violence of some sort we get photos of the accused's supporters leaving court.
After the recent Sydney violence, the excuse for which was the amateur video about the prophet Mohammed, here they are:
Photo. Walter Peeters. Sydney Morning Herald
What struck me, yet again, was that this bunch are simply clones of all the others.
Random attacks on strangers, as we had recently in Kings Cross, violence at football matches, protests that turn violent, ethnic clashes...there's a common denominator.
The participants.
Identical young males. In spite of their claim for some sort of individuality or difference from each other, they're identical. Same clothing, same build, same attitude, same body language and obviously from the same gene pool.
If we want to reduce gratuitous violence maybe that's something for the geneticists to work on.

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