Thursday, August 23, 2012

Good to bad

We've just enjoyed the warmest August day for seventeen years, at 27C. And only 21% humidity.

The sort of winter day I can live with.

A beautifully warm sunny morning, spring in the air.

It's not all good news though because later in the day we've had winds gusting up to 100kph.  That's caused the usual chaos. trees down all over the city, bringing power lines with them. We have nearly 20,000 houses without power across Sydney and into the Blue Mountains.

Roads are covered in trees and other debris, traffic lights are out of course and a rail line is closed because of a tree across the tracks. Absolute chaos for the peak hour trip home.

Emergency services are dealing with over 600 calls for assistance, including the fire brigade which had to cut a woman from her car which had been crushed by a falling tree..

It's a real problem that happens several times a year but no action is ever taken to limit the damage and costs.

We have huge gum trees in most suburbs, towering over houses and roads. They're evergreen and branches die off constantly, ready to fall on anyone and anything below them

Then we have the ugly power lines that visually pollute every suburb, hanging from wooden poles. The branches and trees fall on them, down they come and off goes the power.


And of course in the bushfire season, the live power lines are brought down and start fires.

Councils refuse permission for dangerous trees to be removed. I've even had refusal to lop a dangerous branch off a huge Liquid Amber which later came down, breaking an outside tap causing a major water leak and wrecking the garden fence.

And in spite of the huge increases in our electricity prices, 51% of which goes towards poles and lines according to my latest outrageous bill, power lines aren't put where they should be - underground.

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