Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Give them a break

The Olympics are highlighting something that really annoys me about the coverage of sports on television. It's not confined to the Olympics, it's been happening for the last few years in many sports covered by TV.

It's the interviewing of sportspeople the moment they come off the track/field or out of the pool.

It's not only that they aren't given even a minute to gather their thoughts, it's also before they've had a chance to get their breath back after a supreme effort.

Trying to get words out between gasps for breath, talking completely off the cuff without having given any thought to what's just happened.

Sports administrators need to give more thought to their athletes and insist that they're given at least a few minutes to catch thier breath and composure before they can be interviewed.

And the TV stations should give us, the viewers, more consideration. Let's have sensible interviews with athletes who can talk without puffing and blowing and who've have had time to think their effort through and give us considered information.

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Duffy said...

First rule of modern journalism. You don't have to be good or even accurate. You only have to be first.