Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cull the neanderthals

A cull of the neanderthals wreaking mindless violence on innocent people is long overdue.

We've had Kings Cross in the news all week after another series of violent assaults, one leading to the death of teenager Thomas Kelly.

He was walking along minding his own business when he was king hit by a total stranger. He fell, smashing his head on the footpath.

The Cross is Sydney's centre of the alcohol and drug fuelled violence. Sickeningly and predictably we have  plenty of hand wringing from the people who've allowed, encouraged even, the deterioration of the place. Bloody hypocrites.

It has hundreds of bars and 'nightclubs' packed into a tiny area licensed to stay open until 5am. Limited police presence. No transport. Up to 30,000 people packing into it over weekends, many fuelled up even before they go out.

And of course it attracts the loonies, the neanderthals.

After amassing evidence, police arrested eighteen year old Kieran Loveridge. He's not only charged with Thomas' murder but also with three other asaults, all within an hour and all similarly random, mindless attacks.

The charges are that five minutes before he killed Thomas Kelly he assaulted a seventeen year old boy, forty-five minutes later he assaulted a man, then assaulted yet another man five minutes after that.

Appearing in court today a crowd of his supporters also turned up...bringing their mindless violence with them.

A seventeen year old mate head-charged cameramen, smashing one to the ground. He was knocked unconcious when he hit his head on the footpath. That's eerily reminiscent of what happened to Thomas Kelly.

This neanderthal was also arrested and is charged with assault causing actual bodily harm.

It demonstrates just what a problem we have with so many brainless morons debasing our society. Right outside the court and in full public view with cameras rolling, this one does exactly what his mate is in court for.

We really have to remove thugs like these from our society. If we don't, more innocent people are going to be injured and killed and we can kiss goodbye to civilised society.

All the news outlets are carrying the story; here's one:
Channel 7 News

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