Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Crystal ball working well

On Monday I said:

Some companies will inevitably raise prices and blame it on the 'carbon tax' - just as they did with decimilisation and the GST. It's great when you can plead innocence and blame someone else for your price rises!

Didn't take long - today we're told:

One of Australia's largest bakery chains, Brumby's, has issued a public apology after encouraging franchisees to increase their prices and then "let the carbon tax take the blame".

The suggestion was made by Brumby's managing director Deane Priest in an internal memo sent to all franchisees.

You know what surprises me?

That people doing something wrong, illegal, embarrassing or stupid do it in a way that guarantees it'll be uncovered and directly traced back to them.

All walks of life, all levels of society, the level of stupidity is the same.

Here we have the Managing Director of a major company doing it.  Recently we've had the Peter Slipper affair, looking more and more like a stitch-up, with text messages between staffers, politicians and a 'journalist' all easily traceable. Senior executives in various banks have left a trail of e-mails proving they ripped off customers, executives of Murdoch's phone-hacking papers in the UK did the same thing...

It's like a burglar not wearing gloves and leaving fingerprints. Memos, e-mails, text messages, mobile phones - all traceable but all used.

A few examples of the stupidity of people leaving a trail right back to themselves:

Brumby's story




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