Monday, July 02, 2012

Carbon price nonsense

I really find it difficult to believe the level of hysteria about the 'carbon tax' that Tony Abbott has managed to generate.

People have fallen so easily for the oppositions' campaign, completely missing the point that it's all about winning power, not economices or whether it's good or bad policy.

It's about nothing other than Abbott getting to be Prime Minister.

The 'tax' only began yesterday but people are already blaming it for price rises and business downturns.

On ABC radio this morning I heard two classic examples.

One was someone who said that Bakers Delight had raised the price of a loaf by 10 cents today as a result of the 'carbon tax'.  In fact they raised the price of my favourite loaf by 10 cents two or three weeks ago.

Worse was the Central Coast cafe owner who phoned in to say that because of the 'carbon tax' he had very little business over the weekend. A cold, cloudy, showery winter weekend, the start of school holidays. But the reason he didn't do much business was, he said, that people were staying home and not spending because of the 'carbon tax'.

Fact is, the 'tax' is on a mere 500 major polluting companies.

While they will inevitably pass on increased costs, which will go on down the line to we consumers, the cost increase is minor.

In any case we've been compensated by tax cuts/handouts. Ninety percent of households are receiving tax cuts or compensation payments to cover possible price rises caused by the carbon price.

Some companies will inevitably raise prices and blame it on the 'carbon tax' - just as they did with decimilisation and the GST. It's great when you can plead innocence and blame someone else for your price rises!

We're being told to dob in anyone gouging money from us and blaming it on the 'carbon tax'.

Abbott's hypocrisy was on full show again. "What do you think of prime ministers who tell lies before elections?"  he asked. This from a man who was part of John Howard's governments; that's John Howard who promised never-ever a GST, who gave us the lie of children overboard, the lie about our involvement in W. Bush's Iraq debacle, the lies to Costello about passing the baton and all the other lies.

And Abbott himself of course is the man who's given us the lies about the 'carbon tax', including  the outlandish statement that our entire coal industry would be closed by the 'carbon tax'.

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