Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Give them a break

The Olympics are highlighting something that really annoys me about the coverage of sports on television. It's not confined to the Olympics, it's been happening for the last few years in many sports covered by TV.

It's the interviewing of sportspeople the moment they come off the track/field or out of the pool.

It's not only that they aren't given even a minute to gather their thoughts, it's also before they've had a chance to get their breath back after a supreme effort.

Trying to get words out between gasps for breath, talking completely off the cuff without having given any thought to what's just happened.

Sports administrators need to give more thought to their athletes and insist that they're given at least a few minutes to catch thier breath and composure before they can be interviewed.

And the TV stations should give us, the viewers, more consideration. Let's have sensible interviews with athletes who can talk without puffing and blowing and who've have had time to think their effort through and give us considered information.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A bad system

The just-concluded Victorian by-election highlighted some of the anomalies in our electoral system, although I see very little comment about the issues.

There are two in particular that I've long believed need addressing.

For starters, voting is compulsory yet one of the two major parties didn't bother to field a candidate.

It's obvious that there are people in the electorate who wish to vote for the Liberal/National coalition.  Although they have to vote by law, the coalition offered them no candidate.

They had a choice of Labor, Greens or fringe candidates such as Family First, Australian Christians and the Australian Sex Party. So they have to vote for candidates they don't want to vote for.

For either of the major parties to not field a candidate in any electorate is showing utter contempt for the voters. It also makes a nonsense of compulsory voting.

The other issue is the system of preferences.

The Greens candidate was given about 500 more votes than the Labor candidate, but the shonky backroom preference deals that our elections attract gave the seat to Labor.

And showing up another anomaly in the system, we have a winner even though about two-thirds of the electors voted against her.

The preferences nonsense is detailed here:
Victorian Electoral Commission

Monday, July 23, 2012

A feral group

Continuing on from my last two posts, it's becoming increasingly clear that the thugs involved are part of a feral group.

It's been revealed that Kieran Loveridge, detained on one murder and three assault charges, has a brother also facing a murder charge.

Corrie Loveridge is charged with the stabbing murder in December 2010 of a seventeen year old.

Tally so far, two brothers and one mate. The gang will be bigger than that, mindless violence obviously comes naturally to them so I wonder how long it will be before more of them are brought before the courts.

They have no place in civilized society and they must be permanently removed.

Friday, July 20, 2012

This is not a child

The young thug who hospitalised a cameraman at yesterday's court hearing of his friend charged with murder has pleaded guilty.

Hardly an earth shattering decision, given that the offence was committed in full public view and recorded by all the cameramen present.

Sensibly, bail was refused and he'll appear for sentencing on July 27. I sincerely hope the sentence will reflect the violence of the crime ...although I fear it won't because of his age.

And that raises an important point.

He's seventeen years old, as big as a grown man, committed the violence deliberately, knowing full well what he was doing.

Photo. Anthony Johnson Sydney Morning Herald

Yet he appeared before the Children's Court. And he can't be named because he's a minor.

That's not appropriate. There needs to be a drastic reduction in the age at which a person is still treated as a child in need of protection in this legal sense.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cull the neanderthals

A cull of the neanderthals wreaking mindless violence on innocent people is long overdue.

We've had Kings Cross in the news all week after another series of violent assaults, one leading to the death of teenager Thomas Kelly.

He was walking along minding his own business when he was king hit by a total stranger. He fell, smashing his head on the footpath.

The Cross is Sydney's centre of the alcohol and drug fuelled violence. Sickeningly and predictably we have  plenty of hand wringing from the people who've allowed, encouraged even, the deterioration of the place. Bloody hypocrites.

It has hundreds of bars and 'nightclubs' packed into a tiny area licensed to stay open until 5am. Limited police presence. No transport. Up to 30,000 people packing into it over weekends, many fuelled up even before they go out.

And of course it attracts the loonies, the neanderthals.

After amassing evidence, police arrested eighteen year old Kieran Loveridge. He's not only charged with Thomas' murder but also with three other asaults, all within an hour and all similarly random, mindless attacks.

The charges are that five minutes before he killed Thomas Kelly he assaulted a seventeen year old boy, forty-five minutes later he assaulted a man, then assaulted yet another man five minutes after that.

Appearing in court today a crowd of his supporters also turned up...bringing their mindless violence with them.

A seventeen year old mate head-charged cameramen, smashing one to the ground. He was knocked unconcious when he hit his head on the footpath. That's eerily reminiscent of what happened to Thomas Kelly.

This neanderthal was also arrested and is charged with assault causing actual bodily harm.

It demonstrates just what a problem we have with so many brainless morons debasing our society. Right outside the court and in full public view with cameras rolling, this one does exactly what his mate is in court for.

We really have to remove thugs like these from our society. If we don't, more innocent people are going to be injured and killed and we can kiss goodbye to civilised society.

All the news outlets are carrying the story; here's one:
Channel 7 News

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Perfect winter days


Clear blue sky, sunshine all day, 20C temperature. Winter doesn't get much better than it's been for the past few days.

Unfortunately the forecast is that we'll go back to colder temps and sunshine mixed with showers for about the next week.

The coastal fringe always gets more rain than inland, but that's compensated for by the fact that we get warmer nights. Looking at the overnight temperatures around this region the inland areas are getting below zero night temperatures and very frosty mornings.

That's way too cold for me.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Crystal ball working well

On Monday I said:

Some companies will inevitably raise prices and blame it on the 'carbon tax' - just as they did with decimilisation and the GST. It's great when you can plead innocence and blame someone else for your price rises!

Didn't take long - today we're told:

One of Australia's largest bakery chains, Brumby's, has issued a public apology after encouraging franchisees to increase their prices and then "let the carbon tax take the blame".

The suggestion was made by Brumby's managing director Deane Priest in an internal memo sent to all franchisees.

You know what surprises me?

That people doing something wrong, illegal, embarrassing or stupid do it in a way that guarantees it'll be uncovered and directly traced back to them.

All walks of life, all levels of society, the level of stupidity is the same.

Here we have the Managing Director of a major company doing it.  Recently we've had the Peter Slipper affair, looking more and more like a stitch-up, with text messages between staffers, politicians and a 'journalist' all easily traceable. Senior executives in various banks have left a trail of e-mails proving they ripped off customers, executives of Murdoch's phone-hacking papers in the UK did the same thing...

It's like a burglar not wearing gloves and leaving fingerprints. Memos, e-mails, text messages, mobile phones - all traceable but all used.

A few examples of the stupidity of people leaving a trail right back to themselves:

Brumby's story




Monday, July 02, 2012

Carbon price nonsense

I really find it difficult to believe the level of hysteria about the 'carbon tax' that Tony Abbott has managed to generate.

People have fallen so easily for the oppositions' campaign, completely missing the point that it's all about winning power, not economices or whether it's good or bad policy.

It's about nothing other than Abbott getting to be Prime Minister.

The 'tax' only began yesterday but people are already blaming it for price rises and business downturns.

On ABC radio this morning I heard two classic examples.

One was someone who said that Bakers Delight had raised the price of a loaf by 10 cents today as a result of the 'carbon tax'.  In fact they raised the price of my favourite loaf by 10 cents two or three weeks ago.

Worse was the Central Coast cafe owner who phoned in to say that because of the 'carbon tax' he had very little business over the weekend. A cold, cloudy, showery winter weekend, the start of school holidays. But the reason he didn't do much business was, he said, that people were staying home and not spending because of the 'carbon tax'.

Fact is, the 'tax' is on a mere 500 major polluting companies.

While they will inevitably pass on increased costs, which will go on down the line to we consumers, the cost increase is minor.

In any case we've been compensated by tax cuts/handouts. Ninety percent of households are receiving tax cuts or compensation payments to cover possible price rises caused by the carbon price.

Some companies will inevitably raise prices and blame it on the 'carbon tax' - just as they did with decimilisation and the GST. It's great when you can plead innocence and blame someone else for your price rises!

We're being told to dob in anyone gouging money from us and blaming it on the 'carbon tax'.

Abbott's hypocrisy was on full show again. "What do you think of prime ministers who tell lies before elections?"  he asked. This from a man who was part of John Howard's governments; that's John Howard who promised never-ever a GST, who gave us the lie of children overboard, the lie about our involvement in W. Bush's Iraq debacle, the lies to Costello about passing the baton and all the other lies.

And Abbott himself of course is the man who's given us the lies about the 'carbon tax', including  the outlandish statement that our entire coal industry would be closed by the 'carbon tax'.