Thursday, June 21, 2012

A whinge about whingeing

Poll after poll is showing how dissatisfied and depressed we are, in spite of the fact that the economy is doing well, people are earning more than ever, unemployment is very low, jobs are being created.

The underlying fact for the negativity is that we're a nation of whingers. You'll even hear Aussies whingeing about whingeing Poms, who, to be honest, we leave for dead in the champion whinger stakes.

So we're ready to go when we're told that we're in a bad situation. Great, something else to whinge about!

The negativity is coming from three main areas.

One, Tony Abbott and the Opposition.

Too many of us are not bright enough to realise that he has only one thing on his mind, to become Prime Minister. He claims everything the government does is bad because in our hung parliament it will only take one vote to move to his side to get him into The Lodge. Far too many Aussies can't see through it.

Endless droning on and on and on about how bad things are. Even when very positive growth & employment figures were released the Opposition did it's best to talk it down.  They were desperate to find something negative to say, but the best Joe Hockey could manage was "think how good the figures would be with a good government".

Their scare campaign about the 'carbon tax' has worked well, with many people somehow believing that they will pay a carbon tax.

Having seen how successfully they've conned people with it, they blame everything on the 'carbon tax'.  Every bit of bad news sees Abbott or a shadow minister jumping in front of a microphone with the first words being that it (whatever it is) is because of the 'carbon tax'.

Plants close because they're old and inefficient, or because overseas competitors produce the product at half the price. 'Job losses because of the carbon tax' scream Abbott, Hockey and the others.

In spite of tens of billions being poured into mining development they endlessly tell us that because of the 'mining tax' investors are fleeing Australia and the mining industry is about to crash, with huge damage to our economy and thousands of job losses.

It's reached even more farcical levels with the NSW (Coalition) government putting up public housing rents 'because of the carbon tax'.

I really am sick and tired of the dishonesty of it.

Interesting by the way that while 60% of us don't want Julia Gillard as Prime Minister the same percentage don't want Tony Abbott as PM. The same figure for both of them, 60%. We don't want either to be PM...but we'll get one of them under our much vaunted democratic system.

Area number two is the media. 

We know there's no news in good news and we'll get mainly the bad stuff in our news outlets, but it's reached epic proportions of unbalanced reporting.

Virtually nothing but doom and gloom. Companies close, people lose their jobs and the media is full of it. Stories about jobs being created?  Nothing. You're not going to read or hear about that.

Our economy is still growing, unemployment is way down the media is full of doom and gloom about the imminent collapse of the Euro zone, America's economic problems, China's slowdown and how all that is going to destroy our economy.

The strong Aussie dollar is decimating our manufacturing industry they tell us - unless they're reporting Abbott saying it's the 'carbon tax' that's doing it. Either way, our manufacturing is all but dead and buried.

Negative stories from wherever they can find them fill our media.

And third of course, the government.

It's beyond my understanding how they are totally incapable of countering the bad news, of effectively answering the Opposition's claims. The best they can manage is to say that Tony Abbott is Mister Negativity.  It sounds nothing more than typical political slagging off, it doesn't even begin to counter the negativity.

Even worse, they can't even do the simple thing of promoting the good news.

So the good news is hidden while Australia and the world's bad news is beamed at us 24/7. And at the next election we'll ghet a new PM who's just as unpopular as the current one.

No wonder a nation of whingers is whingeing.


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