Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Greens are gone

When Bob Brown recently and unexpectedly resigned as Leader of the Greens my immediate thought was that the party would very soon go the way of the Democrats after their Leader Don Chipp retired.

The process has been accelerated by the performance of the Greens'  new Leader, Christine Milne, on this evening's 7.30 programme on ABC.

Parliament is right now debating the asylum seeker crisis - after 100 people died in a boat sinking a couple of days ago another has sunk and at this moment survivors and bodies are being pulled from the water.

From the moment Milne appeared on the screen she was losing votes. An inane grin is inappropriate at a sombre moment.

The power obsessed clowns in Canberra  seem to have realised at long last that public opinion is increasingly hostile to their posturing and is demanding action. They even seem to be approaching some sort of a compromise so that at least some action is taken that may help to stop the deaths.

That's the pressing need of the moment. Give a lead, send a message that will help to deter people from risking their lives in leaky unseaworthy boats to get through rough seas to Australia.

According to Milne the Greens' position is that it will shoot down in the Senate any bill the House passes.

She rabbited on about long term solutions, UN agreements, we should welcome a much larger number  of asylum seekers...

All well and good for a long term philosophical debate, but people are drowning now and there needs to be some action about that now.

If there'd been one of those worm things on the screen, the thing they use in political pre-election face-offs, it would have shown that the more she spoke the more voters were fleeing the Greens for other parties.

An astonishingly inappropriate, incompetent, out-of-touch performance.

You can watch the interview here.

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