Sunday, June 03, 2012

Expensive rubbish

We hear endlessly from retailers that times are bad, very bad, for them.

Their problems are not of their own making, naturally. Their problems are caused by everyone else - it's government policies, it's taxes, it's because we insist on buying online, it's because we're not spending...

I was wandering around our local shopping mall this morning, where most of the shops have sale signs all over them. ' Up to 70% off ' is typical.

It seems obvious to me that one very good reason why we're not spending in their shops is that almost all of it is badly designed, badly made crap.

And hugely expensive.

And shop after shop, every second shop seems to be selling women's clothing/shoes, is selling almost identical crap. And they all have it with similar hugely expensice price tags.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that there's only one wholesaler in the country, who has a couple of trips a year to Chinese sweatshops, loads a few ships with cheap crap and brings it here.

Then everyone adds their huge percentage margin and it's offered to us at prices many multiples of what it's actually worth.  Even after the 70% discount.

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