Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The bureaucratic mind

I've never understood the way bureaucratic minds work and I came across yet another example the other day.

A seat in a local park is/has been damaged. Nothing that couldn't be fixed in about fifteen minutes by a man with a hammer and a few nails or a screwdriver and a few screws.

That's what a non-bureaucratic mind would work out...but if you work for a council there's a different way of doing things.

Bureaucrats don't send a man with hammer/nails or screwdriver/screws to repair the furniture.

Bureaucrats send a man with metal poles, plastic caps, a big hammer and a few metres of ubiquitous red plastic barrier material to set up an exclusion zone, leaving the furniture unrepaired.

At a (much) later date someone is sent with hammer/nails or screwdriver/screws, removes the exclusion zone material and repairs the furniture.

What was needed is done eventually but only after extra work was done, extra trips were made, extra material was used and extra costs were run up.  It's our money of course, so it's not something the bureaucrats need take into consideration.

It reminded me of a posting this time last year I did on my Dubai blog after a trip to the UK.

Here's a repeat of that post:

...a classic of the way the bureaucratic mind thinks so differently from the rest of us.

From their parallel world you get this:

A bureaucrat sees the overgrown shrub, goes back to the office, writes a notice, gets it printed and laminated, goes back to the site and pins the notice in place. Then presumably puts in a requisition to the environmental solutions department to carry out the necessary landscaping.

A non- bureaucrat would simply have gone back with a pair of shears and trimmed the offending leaves.

The other side of the world but bureaucrats are the same the world over.

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