Monday, May 21, 2012

Building standards

For people like us who spend time in Dubai - and own an apartment there - a report in Sydney Morning Herald will have raised a wry smile.

Since the incredible real estate development that began in Dubai in 2002 there have been endless sniggering remarks made there by western expats about the standard of building work.

There are always rumours that buildings are leaning or sinking, that they're full of defects.

Much of it has an unpleasant racist undertone. It's all down, they say, to the mickey-mouse contractors & builders and their largely sub-continental workers.

It's bullshit of course.

So to the Herald story:

...85 per cent of new apartments in NSW are plagued by defects...Seven out of 10 owners reported building defects in their properties, with water leaks and internal and external cracks the most common.
Newer apartments were the worst, with 85 per cent of owners surveyed in buildings constructed since 2000 reporting defects.

That's one hell of a lot worse than with the many hundreds of strata properties built in Dubai in the same period.

The Herald story in full is here.

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