Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Back to food

As I said the other day, we enjoyed the Indian meals we had in Dubai last month, but even more so we enjoyed weekend lunchtimes at Al Hallab.

Because it's convenient we go to their branch at Mall of the Emirates, next to Ski Dubai. We've been regulars there for about six years and the food has been consistently excellent.

We like mezza/tapas/yum cha style meals, especially at lunchtime, a mixture of tastes and textures, so at Al Hallab we usually have this kind of thing:
That's grilled haloumi cheese, falafel, hommos.

They serve excellent sharwarma sandwiches which we sometimes order, other times we order this sharwarma meat plate.

I always order lemon & mint juice, here with shish tawook.

Hommos and tabouleh are must-haves too.  The bread from Al Hallab is made on the premises and always hot, straight from the oven. Complimentary of course.

A typical lunch would be hommos, tabouleh, shish tawook (or meat sharwarma plate), lemon mint juice, bottle of mineral water. The bill is about $20.

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